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Riwaq Beirut, Mar Mikhael, Beirut

"Mazajiat" (mood, in English) is a celebration of life, of the moment, and us coming together to make joy our reality. Frida and her musimagicians will take you on a journey created moment by moment by the collective energies, connecting us all to the harmony that lies at the heart of every NOW moment. Except a story that is a concert, a workshop; whatever we make of it, and know you will be creating that magical evening with us. Come for the music, come for the joy, for the beauty of being together and melting into One, and come for the absolute pleasure of being fully you.

This is an invitation to a journey to nowhere in particular. On this journey, the heart plays sailor as the mind learns the secrets of surrender. Which means that it doesn't really matter where we are going. As long as we are together in the knowingness that the heart will never go wrong.

Scarlett Saad: Piano Ramy Akiel: Qanun Patrik Abi Abdalla: Drums Anthony Atwe: Bass Corinne Boulad: Poetry

Sunday 13 March 2022 Doors open at 8:30 PM Concert starts at 9:00 PM

Seated & Standing event