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With her warm and smoky voice, Lebanese soul singer Frida sings of female empowerment and love. Her stories wrapped in songs are about inner strength and a return to nature. Frida's music oscillates between oriental sensibility and cosmopolitan funkyness. Her performances are passionate and spirited, and her love of experimentation inevitably spills over into the audience. 

Frida reminds us who we truly are and tells us not to restrict and limit ourselves. We can be much more than we think. Frida herself is "Bint el Kol" (the daughter of everything); her homage to the divine feminine is also featured on her debut album released in 2019. 

Frida’s voice has a way of soothing and enthusing the listener at the same time. Her musical journey seems to be a calling to the divinity that transcends all limitations; a sanctity that she sings of to inspire freedom, in and around her. In her songs lies the promise of our collective awakening. 

Frida released her latest album "the freedom to be - لأني أحب" on December 3, 2021 (see below) and will tour in the Middle East and Europe in 2022.

Frida's journey

I am Frida, a late bloomer as a musician, yet a musician to the core. 

I discovered myself as a writer and composer at the age of 33 in 2014, as part of my research project The Good Vibes Experiment, a series of workshops designed to explore the connection between intuition, joy and the creative process. 

Born in Beirut in a family that was joyously adoring music, my lullabies at an early age fused French songs that my mother loved, with the blues, funks, tarab and other world music that my father listened to on repeat. I was seven years old when my sister was born, and I put pen to paper and wrote her a song that said, "to welcome you, little angel, in this beautiful world like you". 

Looking back, it seems obvious that composing songs and singing them was written in my stars – and in my body no doubt. Yet I had to forget all that and do the "serious" things one expects, battle illness, end up looking for my bearings in the unseen world, and discover the power of intuition-that which has answers to all, to finally allow myself to share my truth through music. 

This whole adventure, born under the gift of surrender, of giving and of the intelligence of the heart, has inevitably put me on the path of beautiful musical souls who have known how to carry me and my songs to where they resonate the best. From Lebanon where it all began, but also in Jordan, Dubai, Tanzania and Switzerland, the expansive encounters multiply and carry me in performances that are as varied as they are playful: I write and sing in Arabic, French and English, I play the guitar, the piano, the bass, I rap, I blues, I waltz and I electro. 

In this universe colored by collaboration and exchanges, the process of creating my first song (although today more mastered, less accidental) remains the same: the path of my truth above all. It is through my meditations and my inner journeys - where the mind knows how to be silent so that the heart can speak - that the rhythms, the melodies and the lyrics come to me. It is through listening to this intelligence which goes beyond me and guides me, that the meetings become concrete and the decisions come to be made. This is how, beyond genres and labels, music for me is always Sacred Music.

Latest video release: Here & There, Volume 1, in Switzerland

The documentary "Frida is Here & There, vol 1" is the first installment of Frida's Here & There project, a collaborative thought experiment between Lebanese and international artists. 

The project starts from the idea that musicians are the new diplomats and that their melodies become the default political language, where nothing gets lost in translation and Oneness becomes the evidence. 

"Here & There, vol 1" is set in Bern, Switzerland, Frida's hometown outside of Lebanon. The film documents the process of creation between Frida and her fellow musicians: we follow them rehearsing and then recording the new songs in the studio as well as performing live on stage. The documentary includes interviews with all the artists, and most notably with Frida, whose message of joy and love is comprehensively conveyed to the viewer. 

Through "Here & There, vol 1", Frida lets us be part of one section of her personal journey as an artist. 

Camera: Kevin Adrian and Livia Lehmann 
Cut: Kevin Adrian 
Video & sound: Kevin Adrian 
Musicians: Frida: vocals, guitar Florian Bolliger: bass Félix Fivaz: drums Wael Sami Elkholy: oud, vocals

Latest EP: the freedom to be - لأني أحب

Frida’s new album ”لأني أحب - the freedom to be” has many musical sources. The album truly captures the fusion between Classical Arabic and soul music and blends the crisp soulful tone of Frida with refined and vibrant rhythms, haunting bass lines and intricate Oud phrasing, courtesy of Félix Fivaz, Florian Bolliger and Wael Sami Elkholy. The album is both an ode to love and an invitation to embody freedom, to dance to the music of the spheres and to sing our joy of being, fully here in this now.  

”لأني أحب - the freedom to be” is also the first volume of the Here and There project, a collaborative experiment between Lebanese and international artists, where the musicians are the new diplomats and where their melodies become the default political language: where nothing gets lost in translation and Oneness becomes the evidence.


Dawararan, the Official Video of  ”لأني أحب - the freedom to be”.

You can consult Frida's YouTube channel or the Videos section on her website to view more videos, including Live footage.


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Photo credit: Benno Hunziker

Photo credit: Benno Hunziker

Photo credit: Benno Hunziker

Photo credit: Benno Hunziker


Get in touch

Bookings & Management

For bookings and management-related requests, or for any information you need on Frida, please contact Putzi Productions at reachout@putziproductions.com

Putzi Productions is an artist agency with a focus on promoting Lebanese artists and building creative bridges between Switzerland and Lebanon.

Collaborations & Co-creations

Frida’s universe mainly relies on three pillars: connecting to one’s higher frequency, co-creating and experimenting. All of this is topped by a roof that Frida calls “the role of joy in the creative process”.

If you share her joy of experimenting and co-creating, Frida would love to hear your ideas! You can drop her an email with your project to connect@frida.space