Latest EP - "Ana Min"

“انا مين - Ana Min“ is my third album. It weaves together all the different elements that are dear to me: messages of Love and Liberation, melodies born from and for the heart and rhythms that seem to come simultaneously from everywhere and nowhere in particular.  

Starting from the Swiss core with whom I recorded my previous EP “The Freedom to Be” – Florian Bolliger (bass) and Félix Fivaz (drums) – my  lineup expanded with my beloved musicians from Lebanon: Scarlett Saad (keyboards, guitar), Ramy Akiel (qanun) and Patrik Abi Abdalla (percussions and drums).  

Recorded in the span of a few days at Redbooth Studios in Sahel Alma, Lebanon, Ana Min contains four new original songs in three different languages: Arabic, French and English. 

Frida - vocals, guitar 
Scarlett Saad - piano, keyboards, guitar, accordion, backing vocals 
Ramy Akiel - qanoun, keyboards, backing vocals 
Florian Bolliger - bass, backing vocals 
Félix Fivaz - drums, piano, backing vocals 
Patrik Abi Abdalla - percussion, drums 
Kurt Werren - backing vocals

Recording: Scarlett Saad and Ghady Mrad - Redbooth Studios, Lebanon

Mixing: Félix Fivaz
Mastering: Ed Woods
Released on: Putzi Records

Watch the Ana Min official video

Vocals: Frida
Piano: Félix Fivaz
Qanun: Ramy Akiel
Bass: Florian Bolliger
Drums: Patrik Abi Abdalla
Backing vocals: Scarlett Saad, Ramy Akiel, Florian Bolliger, Félix Fivaz, Kurt Werren

Camera: Ali Akil, Petra Al Batlouni
Directed and edited by: Ali Akil
Produced by: Putzi Productions

The Here & There tour 2022: Thank you for these magical moments!

What a beautiful adventure and rich exchange! Thank you all for making the concerts in Switzerland and (for the first time) in France an unforgettable experience!

Thank you my musimagicians for your presence and talent! Scarlett Saad (piano and guitar), Ramy Akiel (qanun), Félix Fivaz (drums), Patrik Abi Abdalla (percussions) and Florian Bolliger (bass).

And thank you again Fondation Suisa, SüdKulturFonds and Schweizerische Interprepretenstiftung for your precious support to make this tour happen.

Here are some snippets of these incredible moments:

Here & There, Volume 1, Switzerland (documentary)

The documentary "Frida is Here & There, vol 1" is the first installment of Frida's Here & There project, a collaborative thought experiment between Lebanese and international artists.

The project starts from the idea that musicians are the new diplomats and that their melodies become the default political language, where nothing gets lost in translation and Oneness becomes the evidence.

"Here & There, vol 1" is set in Bern, Switzerland, Frida's hometown outside of Lebanon. The film documents the process of creation between Frida and her fellow musicians: we follow them rehearsing and then recording the new songs in the studio as well as performing live on stage. The documentary includes interviews with all the artists, and most notably with Frida, whose message of joy and love is comprehensively conveyed to the viewer.

Through "Here & There, vol 1", Frida lets us be part of one section of her personal journey as an artist.

Camera: Kevin Adrian and Livia Lehmann
Cut: Kevin Adrian
Video & sound: Kevin Adrian
Musicians: Frida: vocals, guitar Florian Bolliger: bass Félix Fivaz: drums Wael Sami Elkholy: oud, vocals

"qu'on me donne": Frida, Greis and C.Perkins

Second Album: the freedom to be - لأني أحب

Listen to the freedom to be - لأني أحب